[Music] they tried to bury us but they didn't understand we were the seeds a global pandemic provided a front row seat opening eyes and expanding minds to an overdue awakening disruption not a moment not even a movement it's not a movement when you're black it's not a movement it's a lifestyle but the seas once planted started to break through the soil a crop of resilient unapologetic voices emerge think about having a life squeeze out of you you can't hear you can't breathe nothing after nine minutes standing up for what we know is right recognizing the giants who paved the way for us when self-interest and bitterness seem to prevail we share a common destiny [Music] by honoring all those whose shoulders we stand on we are making history for our own generation by demanding change and leveling the playing field because what starts here will change the world powerful words from texas junior defensive back kaden stearns standing up for what's right is what these athletes continue to do and prove they are so much more than what we just see on the field of competition tonight we kick off the fall athletic season here on the 40 acres big 12 soccer the kansas jayhawks in town to take on the texas longhorns thank you so much for joining me this evening tyler denning will so much has transpired as six months unlike any other we have experienced in our lifetime a global pandemic along with social justice being brought to the forefront that conversation lying right where sport exists in this country we'll get into all of that tonight but so much more at stake than what we see on just the field of competition and we heard from texas head coach angela kelly and sydney nobles about such the character that that our team has has demonstrated through this trying time at their age has been tremendous and i've been really pleased with their commitment with their decision making and the social um the social vigilance they're having if you will i feel like in this world there's so many different ways to be divided and like be against people so seeing a lot of people from different backgrounds just come together just for one organized movement i feel like that was really exciting to see there's still a lot more progress that needs to happen but i feel like that was the first step how we got here and what these players are playing for we will talk about all of that this evening we kick off the fall soccer season kansas texas when we come back [Music] justice [Music] [Music] line up for the kansas jayhawks a five three two four nation look for carrie holland number 15 preseason all big 12 teamer she's the leading returner with eight goals for mark france's 22nd season as the kansas head coach 236 wins 168 losses 37 ties texas coming out in a 4-3-3 three number seven julia grosso and number two haley berg that really run the offense for the longhorns grosso preseason all big 12 team mentioned scoring eight goals dropping eight dimes for head coach angela kelly last season this her ninth at the helm 85 wins 56 losses 20 ties as we are ready to go truly a season unlike any other only conference matches will be played once a week to crown a conference champion there will be no ncaa champion in this fall season gorgeous evening here in austin [Music] and talking with both of these coaches they emphasize just the ability to get out and play against someone other than one another in their practices having gone through their fall camps and scrimmaged for so long the ability to finally get together [Music] is this the season outlook will end on november 6th mention no ncaa fall championships makeup contests possible in the spring some conferences playing some choosing to not play as well the big 12 obviously one of them is early pressure from the jayhawks into the texas zone savannah madden back in goal for longhorns tonight there she is number zero [Music] so you're from san diego california obviously see fans in the stands asked to all wear a mask and keep socially distant track level seating not allowable but plenty out here in austin talk about the nature of mikey myers here plenty of space to spread out obviously be outside and still take in some sport ncaa football nfl kickoff last night fans in the stands those respective areas as well so sport is back obviously plenty of circumstances that have brought us to such texas now probing [Music] the kansas team that last year went 17-5-3 they finished the season 11th in rpi fifth in the big 12 regular season with a 4-2-3 record but really caught fire in the big 12 tournament winning the championship they lost in the ncaa round of 16 so in terms of conference champions kansas looking to defend their crown they return 18 letter winners and seven starters last year's team [Music] second time they've reached a sweet 16 in the ncaa [Music] tournament texas leading this all-time series 17-7-3 [Music] they won in the loan meeting last year won nothing in lawrence longhorns eight two and one all-time against the jayhawks here in austin [Music] plenty of fans and sound out here to welcome these athletes back to the field one of the liveliest environments i've seen in my time here at mikey myers [Music] [Applause] for kansas health has been an issue entering the season they're down eight student athletes going into the match two already with season ending injuries [Music] one with a concussion and five kovid related four of those are starters out of the group but france is saying that just glad that they're able to play the big 12 has set a threshold as texas moves down into the kansas zone that crossed by cameron brooks have to have at least 13 field players and one goalkeeper for kansas they have 16 field players available for goalkeepers ms brooks moving down trying to find berg number two in the burnt orange that you want to look for let's see the scoring will come either from her foot or through her foot kansas having one player that opted out to the cobia related reasons they're starting center back so all teams trying to deal in their respective ways with the circumstances coach angela kelly for texas saying that their team has been very fortunate in terms of their kobit testing players have been good with their vigilance and taking care of to have the themselves out on the field this evening players undergoing kovit testing three times a week beautiful look forward for brooks deep in the corner place into the middle and dispatch by hanson [Music] allen will try to play up the right side but out of bounds [Music] texas still on the pressure offensively and that way for the last handful of minutes either team with a solid opportunity thus far as kansas pushes forward five texas defenders back there [Music] breaking towards goal a chance here for texas that's saved by sarah peters first good scoring opportunity of the match for either team it comes from burke to grosso who just moves her way forward but a nice save [Music] not too much heat off the left foot [Music] grosso texas junior midfielder who season all big 12 team for the second straight year national from vancouver [Music] a little bit of a different look for her potentially could have been playing in the olympics for her home country obviously those games move back a year here on the 40 acres with your teammates [Music] bad short leave as texas tries to build from the back [Music] they play into brooks two defenders there texas will get another chance to throw it in [Music] juan lopez the freshman [Music] longhorns coming off in an eleven eight in one season six and three in big 12 play they finished third in the big 12 championship it was in the quarterfinals to tcu go to the ncaas and lost in round one to number 22 texas a m that score was 4-1 [Music] returned seven starters losing four nine [Music] newcomers [Music] [Applause] texas 15 10 and 1 all time in season opening matches they've won their last three consecutive 6-1-1 under head coach angela kelly this obviously a season opener unlike any other usually having a handful of matches five to eight maybe ten in the non-conference schedule to tune up before you face more familiar conference opponents but this season will be just that big 12 opponents [Music] playing home and away talked with coach francis for kansas about traveling mentioned it would be the first time for him getting on an airplane going through the process of traveling going back to last spring texas with an opportunity the through ball right into the chest of the keeper sarah peters so texas with good offensive rhythm really outside of the opening two or three minutes the longhorns have controlled the ball down in the kansas side beautiful cut back just no one there to collect the ball from mcfarland mackenzie jr for the texas longhorns saw her kneeling during the anthem texas came out with the message we are won that goes back to earlier this summer the messaging from the texas student athletes see on the back of the shirt there [Music] collectively the texas student athletes coming together and issuing a list of that demands wanted in order to return to the playing field something that caught national news attention get into the specific of that throughout the match but really something that caught fire across multiple campuses seen more and more student athletes find their voice throughout this covet 19 pandemic and also conversations of social justice and where these ncaa student athletes fall into all of it practices on campus affecting change saw that university of iowa student athletes down in clemson all around the country really talking about that why why outside of just competing on the field do they play what's necessary in order for them to continue to do such allow us all who enjoy sport and athletic competition continue to do such recognizing that these athletes are so much more than what we see on the field of competition [Music] it's been all texas [Music] this opening almost 15 minutes seen a lot of this the ball down in the left corner for cameron brooks seems to be part of texas game plan to try to build up that left side a lot of brooks to berg no shots registered yet for the jayhawks texas arty with two had a great scoring opportunity julia grosso but saved by peters [Music] ken just trying to send one down nearly got behind the defense when that ball goes into three you gotta go join her yeah do the work now [Music] you're the voice of kansas head coach mark francis instructing his team as to who wants to see them build their offense [Music] sheridan working up the right but dispossessed by la pamarda number 25 and burnt orange called her name a lot playing that left back roll [Music] see the los verdes banner the independent supporter group of austin fc austin awarded a mls team in the recent years construction in the northern portion of the city on a beautiful new stadium taking place a lot of soccer supporters coming out to support right now the only game in town [Music] jayhawks trying to find a offensive opportunity that [Music] trickling out of bounds that white and green the color of austin [Music] fc speaking with texas head coach angela kelly asked her just about getting this season off the ground how challenging that was and she said you look back at our daily diary there's ups and downs it's been an emotional roller coaster that they tried to choose not to get on they focused on their team what they represent how to get better so that they actually got closer while they were at home became masters of zoom something that you probably hear or feel yourself sitting at home quite a bit over these last six months communication had been key for their group and is key continues to be such it's the most special thing they can do is spend time together when they were able to finally get back in person they defined what their why is it'll be a big point of conversation across all sports you see certain student athletes and professional athletes choosing to play some choosing not to why why are they out on the field but for both of these coaches and for texas as they approach taking their second corner so that the players were so grateful to play could be in a different conference obviously others choosing not to play trying to focus on being present that ball cleared from the zone kelly had really emphasized that this generation is learning some lessons and the ability to carry on [Music] what's happening these last six months moving forward for the rest of their lives i think all of us would agree with such [Music] i felt that everybody is all in [Music] gary holland the jayhawk player down on the pitch refitting her right boot [Music] lacing up [Music] substitution for the jayhawks number 12.

bree severance going out sam barnett coming in number 14 in her place [Music] junior midfielder edmond oklahoma [Music] ball played forward getting it bounced away of kansas continue to see brooks working that left side a turn and shot on goal for grosso but easily collected by sarah peters with another shot for texas another one coming off the buddha junior julia grosso it is [Music] longhorns with three shots thus far on the evening all on goal [Music] oh [Music] next time you'll see the texas longhorns in action on the longhorn network friday september 25th against oklahoma 7 central all big 12 matches longhorns will go on the road at tcu on september 18th in out to west virginia kansas state here at home on the ninth iowa state as well on the 16th kansas state supposed to get their season underway against texas tech but that match was postponed 19 protocols texas tech did not have the available number of goalkeepers texas tech pick to win the big 12 in the preseason coach's poll and you'd have to think that moving forward if you're a team that gets to play every single match across the course of what is scheduled you will have really lucked out lots of moving parts with all of these student athletes support staff and then obviously travel as well thankfully we are underway here tonight chance for texas moving forward bird to cameron brooks back to grosso try back from brooks really controlled that left side brooks the junior round rock texas played high school ball at cedar ridge [Music] [Music] story of the first half has been all texas nothing to show on the scoreboard yet they've controlled possession of the ball controlled the shots on goal [Music] about 54 of the time to kansas is 46.

got really one very good scoring [Music] opportunity [Music] uh coach kelly's saying the identity of this group a lot of individual personalities as interesting as they hadn't played for five months no extended preseason as usual just a couple of weeks to really get together but said that they've passed their sea legs portion but you don't know how things are going to click until you play someone other than yourself [Music] always hear about head coaches talking about the real season you hear preseason they refer to as their pre-conference non-conference scheduled but the real season being with these familiar opponents is texas moving forward with plenty of bodies but that shot over the goal by emily's true power all teams in the big 12 in the same boat they coached to a nine game season in traditional seasons this is truly a nine game season the light at the end of the tunnel would be being crowned a big 12 title holder with obviously no ncaa championship no tournament to pursue [Music] [Music] so [Music] time [Applause] don't find it [Music] first opportunity we've seen for kansas moving forward with some possession into the texas half of the field plenty of burnt orange jerseys back there defensively laying forward that nick but just into the arms of savannah madden mention the big 12 plane joining these other conferences the acc eight conference matches sec starting september 18th with eight conference matches and then the sun belt as well those the only four conferences participating in the 2020 division one women's soccer season obviously the big news in the summer was when big ten in the pack 12 deciding to cancel postpone all of their fall sports that being soccer football and volleyball [Music] football will start up here on the 40 acres just across the way and dkr tomorrow texas hosting [Music] utep get your texas game day started here 5 central and texas coming into the season 14th ranked longhorns hosting utep 7 central live here on lag football choosing to play one non-conference game and then their conference schedule of nine games as well so 10 total schedule that volleyball will be playing as well a 16 match season so all fall sports as of now underway in the big 12.

texas opportunity here down in the offensive zone [Music] loses possession trying to find grosso [Music] 30 minutes in the books [Music] the opening half of first match 2020 season [Music] big 12 today announcing a partnership for rapid testing for coronavirus we'll do antigen tests that will allow for 15 minutes results 15 minute results and batch testing capabilities big 12 testing protocol calling for three tests per week each program responsible for conducting additional weekly tests [Music] and that's the storyline that we have seen emerge the country is really the differences differences from conference to conference difference from program to program and what the guidelines are what the protocols are to be back out on the field [Music] it's interesting kansas head coach mark francis telling us in our conversations personally he didn't think that they should be playing it would be putting the student athletes at risk protocols are in place said there isn't anything more that we could be doing to make it any safer but thought that all along that they wouldn't be playing this season we talked a lot about that unifying voice from the ncaa that's a big conversation that's being held across all sports especially in football the inability of one voice to set these guidelines but conference is staking it out coach francis saying it's been very disappointing to see the complete free-for-all the last three or four months it's day to day week to week really in preparing for this it was day to day wondering hey are we going to be here to play this match but that was something coach kelly had mentioned as well trying to not ride that emotional roller coaster turn within and really lean on one another coach francis did say that he was very happy that the student athletes were going to be able to compete the work that they had put in especially for the seniors one senior that he figures will be able to go on and play pro but all those others that will have a chance to end their careers on the playing field [Music] [Music] good looking crossover taking some exception to barnett having her pinned down on the ground his competitive instincts kicking back in quickly i'll be very tired of just going up against her teammates and obviously from what we heard from coach kelly all of them excited to go out and face somebody not wearing the same colored jersey [Music] lock it in [Music] it in here [Music] i don't want you behind you [Music] approaching the 10-minute mark left in the opening half it's been all texas got all the shots on goal a couple quality opportunities but nothing on the scoreboard as of yet [Music] controlled possession by plus 10 percent somewhat surprising given what kansas head coach mark francis told us how they want to play they're not just going to shoot it down the side they like to possess the ball work from the back build through the middle and texas has dictated the flow of this game beautiful move by bird go through the wickets but [Music] kansas defense there [Music] [Applause] [Music] good pace on that ball but sent back by the texas defense now cleared from the zone [Music] mention some of the protocols for the fans in the stands no track level seating they're social distancing markers free admission though for all fans out here at mikey myers throughout the course of the season [Music] across the way tomorrow expecting 18 000 fans for the football game 3 000 student tickets allotted for the football contest all the students though must pass kovid 19 tests general public not having to do such those were issued today from nine to four [Music] carly carrie holland excuse me a little woozy getting looked at rightfully so the ball hit her right in the face kansas trainer obviously wanting to make sure she's okay after taking that ball to the face and the head area just a little daze leading goal scorer returning four kansas jayhawks it's good to see holland up to her feet you hear the conversation trying to determine if kansas will substitute for her they will indeed kostow coming in holland will sit down so the jayhawks now without their leading returning goal scorer checking the teeth now [Music] looking like maybe some additional testing see if she's able to come back in the field of play something to keep an eye on kansas now without top goal getter [Music] texas has kept possession and kept pressure not to the tune of a ton of scoring chances game has been played for the most part the kansas defensive half of the field but still nil nil [Music] shots 4-2 in favor of the home squad see holland still getting looked at pre-season all big 12 player counterpart all big 12 player on the other side julia grosso has really been the engine for the texas offense nearly led to a great opportunity squashed by the jayhawks [Music] texas spend the team with more [Music] the energy legs [Music] not terribly hot in central texas this evening 81 degrees not too much wind 68 humidity it's not the hottest evening but obviously for both these teams their first time out in a long time they've mentioned bergen grosso that is the duo for texas 16 goals 17 assists nearly outpacing the rest of the squad if texas is putting one in goal [Music] it's usually going to be because of numbers two or seven [Music] carrie holland coming back on is he receiving the ball on the throw in so good to see her well and able to return [Music] oh [Music] you have a texas player down on the pitch looks like she's grabbing that back left leg i've seen her around the ball quite a bit in this opening half but down on the field and looked initially to be in quite a bit of pain but as mentioned so tough for these athletes to be back out there this long layoff playing at this high level this obviously a concern for all the coaches and all the players in returning back fitness with the long layoff everybody taking this moment to stay hydrated la pomarda back to her feet substitution the first of the match for texas noble sat down tiniac and doju came on see number nine in burnt orange going off to the right side of your screen obviously la pamarda will sit down see who comes on in her place the clock has been stopped four minutes and 12 seconds left in the opening half [Music] california [Music] so texas controlling the opening frame of the season but can they find something to show for it four shots but nothing on the scoreboard for either team [Music] controlled the possession a lot of it coming from number one in burnt orange cameron brooks toss off to the recently inserted groves for the throw in and it comes right back to her [Music] texas with two new sets of legs on the field in atkindoju and groves [Music] brooks hitting the pitch off the challenge no whistle another thing that will be different [Music] the officials across all sports not using traditional whistles you heard it in warm-ups electronic whistles trying to prevent exhaling blowing into the whistle one of the many intricacies and differences here in this 2020 season [Music] roves with a bad pass turns it over [Music] two minutes left on the clock holland moving forward [Music] strong challenge 15 for texas peyton mcgee senior center back from mansfield texas strong on the ball defense jayhawks with the throwing [Music] haven't found any scoring opportunities for pollen two shots but nothing severely testing texas goalkeeps savannah madden coming up at the half we'll take a look back at texas women's athletics in the spring show some highlights and stats [Music] this opening kickoff the 2020 fall season spring athletics cut short in march get to see the conclusion of [Music] basketball seasons texas softball was off to a phenomenal start looking like they had national championship potential baseball stopped as well no championships contested none will be contested here in the fall as well the only thing at stake potential conference crown kansas with an opportunity to find the net in the dwindling seconds of the half childers with the opportunity [Music] that will count [Music] you just saw there for kansas all three shots for the jayhawks in the opening frame so texas really controlling possession controlling the opportunities south kansas with a couple texas a couple as well but nothing doing the opening half stands at 0-0 here in [Music] both teams will head to their respective locker rooms joined now by texas head coach ander kelly coach first off how was it to be back out there oh it's great to be back and competing that's what i told the squad at the beginning of the match uh what a privilege to be able to compete especially in these in these crazy times coach what do you want to see from your team in the second half you didn't see in the first half put the ball in the back of the net get more numbers in the box take better advantage of our opportunities anything else any players that really need to get going no we we had a good amount of the ball uh we just got to be more productive in the attacking half all right coach appreciate the time thank you neil nill it stands here in austin comeback for halftime jayhawks in town against the longhorns so back and ready to go as is the case in most seasons texas just seeing their conference froze just once [Music] see a little exchange there dapped up bergen grosso trying to take that connection it over try to make it four straight for the longhorns in their big 12 openers [Music] wages to say never before has texas had their season opening be a big 12 opener as well nine matches they will play across the course of the season coach francis for kansas did emphasize there is something at stake in terms of being crowned [Applause] big 12 champions [Music] [Applause] mentioned earlier texas tech picked as the preseason favorite 70 72 points excuse me for texas tech won't be in action this opening week their match against kansas state postponed kansas state pick to finish last texas slotted in at fifth kansas at six these two teams in the eyes of the coaches really evenly match one player down on the pitch you saw trailing on the left side of your frame holland down once again saw kerry holland hit the pitch earlier texas back to the other side offensively trying to challenge hauling back up the lone white jersey near the ball there [Music] [Applause] emily's true power with space to move leads it off for grosso [Music] [Applause] also trying to find berg showed you earlier what that tandem did for texas offensively last year those two nearly out producing the remainder of their teammates texas though their offense designed that way [Music] brooks trying to turn fire could not kansas coming back down the other way [Music] [Applause] not seeing a extended sequence for kansas where they've really been able to possess the ball and move forward as coach francis said they wanted to do the makings of a good opportunity there but nicked out [Music] so the whistle goes way of texas [Music] long ball sent down into the right corner [Music] trying to cross nobody there on the through ball that's nobles back into the lineup for i can doju [Music] oh [Music] the kick for peters [Music] coach francis for kansas we talked about social justice and all the conversations that are going on mentioned specifically for himself hails from london england is half south african so he's dealt with some of these issues and conversations seem to take place in his home country but having players from all over the country and all over the world coming from different backgrounds moving forward texas trying to find a shot still with possession that's sent out of bounds but the nature of bringing all of their experience from how they grew up where they grew up how they've lived for players their differences within their own families difficult discussions within the team but respect was the work that he came back to respecting how people choose to express their feelings obviously the big point of contention when it comes to sports is taking a knee saw a message of unity last night players lacing arms between the houston texans and the kansas city chiefs as jayhawks move forward but that moved by the fans in kansas city but what this is all really about and what these messages are about from these players but specifically within their own units and entities and teams and how they deal with it but coach francis saying this group all on board with recognizing the issues in this country and using their platform as student athletes to continue to forward that conversation you heard great message from texas junior defensive back kaden stearns in the opening piece about standing up for what is right furthering the conversation via sport seen it for multiple years in the wnba the nba really taking up that as well joining their counterparts [Music] milwaukee bucks bringing the nba bubble to a halt after the shooting of jacob blake will be sending waves across all levels about how these competitions and how these conversations intertwined will continue to take place [Music] it's grace wilson from the lone star state junior from denton texas but she was asking for a moment another ball up top that one looked like in the throat neck area maybe on the chin [Music] checking her jaw not looked at by any of the athletic trainers at least thus far play moves on [Music] jayhawks do have five shots they are leading the match in terms of number of shots but just one on goal texas outpacing them there three themselves go back to last season in texas now counting this opening half that final match in big 12 play in the conference tournament against tcu we have a 0-0 that goes to overtimes then just one goal in the ncaa match against texas a m and nothing yet so probably part of the reason why we heard that message from coach kelly she wants to see her team increase that goal scoring production this ball trickling down savannah madden who dives to the pitch [Music] so mention the conversation of social justice everybody goes back to what are the actionable items we've talked and obviously identified certain problems and things that do need to be addressed well the texas student athletes got together over the summer and they issued their demands for campus change here on the 40 acres they wanted a percentage of the athletic department revenues to go to black organizations renaming of certain campus buildings and removal of statues an increase of outreach and discontinuing the singing of the eyes of texas and those all really big things here on the 40 acres going back a long time so a month later interim president jay responding to that list of demands on july 13th the allocation of a multi-million dollar investment of athletics revenue into different organizations renaming of rlm and joe jamail field additional army honoring of human m sweat his big case back in the 50s to gain entry to the ut law school and the precursors as well the first black undergraduates to attend the university of texas at austin the erection of a statue of julius whittier the longhorns first black football letterman but there will be a continued singing of the eyes of texas [Music] and mentioned cayden stearns we had heard his voice from him at the top of the show and he was asked about that specifically earlier this week with the football team in action he said i don't know but i won't sing the song at all if i'm being blunt as a team we've kind of talked about it can't answer for anybody else nor do i want to make it about me but personally i will not sing the song as they turn in a shot on goal for berg is knocked down [Music] but emphasizing did stearns further going on to say to sit here and say that football is the most important thing right now we have some real life issues going on outside of here you have a whole pandemic going on for one and racial issues we've been dealing with for however long we've been a country that i've grown to see how big this world is you know people out here dying being stopped by a cop which shouldn't be the case opening his eyes to see how the world can be a better place and making sure that those around him are safe and protected [Music] beautiful save back on the other end so quick back and forth that just going to you see the phrase we are one for these texas student athletes all of these different student athletes choosing to take the field and what for what they are playing for we will continue to hear about to see as these seasons evolve madden with a great diving save averaged six per game last season 24th in the ncaa [Music] carrie holland to take the corner ready to go good ball sent in it's alive for quite a bit mentioned the renaming of joe jamel field at dkr in honor of the two heisman trophy winning running backs earl campbell and ricky williams but ricky williams having a great quote earlier this week as well saying that the time when he came through as a player whenever players even whispered about social issues we tended to be shamed by coaches as being a distraction said that he was proud of texas football head coach tom herman for really listening and supporting his players and not shaming them for having the boys glad to be alive to see that change we've heard it from both of these coaches specifically earlier this week angela kelly for texas mark francis for kansas supporting their players and supporting the facilitation of these conversations texas with the corner kick [Music] really seen it match open up on both sides as a shot on goal is that deflected away great job by sarah peters a lot of traffic in front of the net [Music] finds that one and knocks it out of play keep the scoring sheet clean [Music] we've seen some great opportunities great saves on both sides of the field texas now six shots five of them on goal sarah peters for kansas and savannah madden for texas hitching shutouts in goal that ball deflected let's remain in possession for texas [Music] tons of bodies nearly every player on the pitch congregated down in the texas offensive third longhorns with just one defender back at midfield putting the pressure trying to find goal [Applause] [Music] near the kansas sideline employing their squad in the white kits to settle [Music] down [Music] line of four defenders back berg turns and shoots but nothing doing well high of the net [Music] well tomorrow afternoon 5 central texas game day will be live in the south end zone tons of construction going on down there but space for our gang to get things started two-hour pre-game show get you set for the season opener against utep that kicks off at 7 central both of those live here on lhn texas 14th in the country seen a lot of preseason playoff predictions not exactly sure how the college football season will evolve but some analysts really liking texas as a team and what they bring back longhorns four shots in the last seven [Music] minutes definitely come out and whatever the message was [Music] to dial up the offensive pressure and try to find net [Music] look at the speed wow closing to retrieve the ball mcfarland [Music] so [Music] mentioned the layoff of five months these groups unable to get together just a short time [Music] to train for the season and really go straight into a very high level competition against the conference pro it's familiar mark francis in his 22nd year in kansas angela kelly her ninth here in austin so some very strong familiarity you know exactly what the opposition wants to do what their personnel wants to do as well seen some great chances here in the second half for both teams possession for kansas beautiful pass trying to find the boot of carrie holland that is a player that make it all go [Music] shoulders [Music] that attorney shot on goal bounces up [Applause] into the arms of peters [Applause] really been strong for kansas in net tonight [Music] junior goalkeeper from lee's summit missouri started each match in gold during her first two seasons for the jayhawks career goals against average of .

88 20 shutouts 11 of which came last season [Music] [Applause] was pravilsky number two in white had that very nice move on the ball but it's still down it looks like holding that left knee just out of the frame on the left-hand side but well down near the [Music] kansas offensive box so playing one short are the jayhawks she's still on a knee [Music] [Music] is [Music] trio of subs coming in for kansas so getting some fresh legs action around the rest of the conference west virginia victorious over iowa state tcu and baylor similar to the score here 0-0 in the second half [Music] would say for the most part this one has been pretty evenly matched texas has controlled possession and had opportunities that kansas has had equal for themselves both goalkeepers making great saves prevented goals [Applause] who will crack the scoring column first i'm right here [Music] flicks through the air tested down by brooks quickly collects two defenders grosso moves with the right foot and just to the left of the goal [Music] gary how about the sportsmanship there with gracely evan's gonna play keika hanson number six in white helping julia grosso for texas on the ground david are all on that turn and shot i don't think i've ever seen anything like that helping an opponent stretch out on the field trying to loosen up with maybe looked like that right calf [Music] mentioned childers for kansas you see down at the bottom she's been the attempted offense three shots one on goal but nothing in the net grosso and mcfarland then the leaders for texas who will get the first goal of the season trying to get that ball through up the right-hand side lead to a throw-in for texas [Music] [Music] down the right side and that knocked down it was emily strouphauer coming in to find the through ball from sydney nobles [Music] add some mustard on it but nestling up against that left post sarah peters right there as she has been all night thus far [Music] little give and go between grosso and bird all the way to the back line [Music] texas will try from the other side [Music] texas really building from [Music] the wide into the center his offsides there was haley berg [Music] final go-round in the burnt orange for the senior [Music] berg has been so good in her career [Music] so [Music] foreign [Music] corn coming for the jayhawks [Music] doubt we'll take it [Music] that was tipped up maya sheridan had some space it looked like the ball may have deflected off of her hand the texas goalkeeper amanda madden may be signaling such he's had the right arm up but nothing doing nobles will sit down once again i can doju will come in saw that substitution in the first half for texas so nine for 19.

or an oliver coming in for cameron brooks that left forward position is now fast 30 minutes played in the second half with yet the goal to be scored can that change here just a little too far out in front of that dojo both teams with two really good scoring opportunities but both keepers lean sheets thus far [Music] [Music] [Music] we do appreciate the drumline of los verdes out here providing great atmosphere these fans that have come out to take in the season opening match [Music] often with a thriving soccer community you used to only get better usl team in the austin bowl but now austin fc [Music] planning to field their first game in april of 2021 [Music] major league soccer's 27 [Music] franchise we're here at mikey myers on the campus of the university of texas at austin fall sports being played here in the big 12.

conference only in soccer will be conference only in volleyball as well one non-conference game in football that will take place tomorrow live here on lhn two hour pregame show with texas game day to get you started [Music] we'll have sports for you teams and universities all following a thorough covid19 [Music] protocol making sure that these players are tested as much as possible they've been interesting to watch the conversation about fans in the stands how many fans can be in the stand [Music] varying from venue to venue state to state conference to conference what these universities choose to do ultimately at their discretion texas saying for tomorrow's football game potentially up to 18 000 in the dkr stadium that can hold 100 000 plus [Music] when will we see that again big question amongst many others [Music] these student athletes choosing to play back out there [Music] coming for the longhorns [Music] [Applause] it's high in the air [Music] so under 10 now on the clock texas with another corner this one coming from the opposite side seven for texas on the eve [Music] grosso to take texas put a lot in the air this one on the ground and just check down [Applause] there for mcfarland kansas back on the counter [Applause] going two on three couple of white jerseys building up to join carrie holland right foot and that gets by savannah madden so the leading returning goal scorer for the kansas jayhawks on the leak out off the texas corner they come back down and holland finds net for the first time in this contest in the 81st minute [Music] and you just saw texas did have the numbers back there but trying to find the bodies and holland she is the body you got to watch out for just sneaking out that outstretched leg of mcgee a good angle for madden but just curving that ball and of all that savannah madden probably gets nine times out of ten [Music] kansas 79 when scoring first [Music] that coming in the 81st minute [Music] going back to 2012 that stat [Music] so the jayhawks on the board nine minutes left carrie holland she had eight goals last year big 12 second team of pre-season all-conference team nod she gets past the defender mcgee and gets past the texas goalkeep [Music] texas has had their opportunities kansas is well and the jayhawks are the first to capitalize does texas have a response did it come from bird quickly marked by two jayhawks defenders texas will throw it [Music] with the left but deflected back to [Music] grosso [Music] over the brooks [Music] field [Music] okay [Music] okay [Applause] [Music] so battle of wills here kansas trying to possess the ball protect that one goal lead after carrie holland finds the net in the 81st minute texas trying to muster up as much of an offensive attack as they [Music] can [Music] marking out instructions kansas defense has been there marking the texas [Music] players throughout really this last 15 minutes yet another player down seen quite a few with cramps [Music] is the game clock will be stopped she just needed to stretch doesn't want to come off the pitch will stay texas will throw it in straight into the ground for bird [Music] trying to go to the far post cameron brooks was there but cut off by peters outside of holland who scored the goal would have to say peters thus far player of the match seven saves on the evening you mentioned last year 11 shutouts of her 20 honor career working on number 21 [Music] kansas really closing their season strong last year going on that run to win the big 12 conference tournament [Music] reaching the round of 16.

[Music] in ncaa play they beat iowa one-nothing xavier 3-0 season ended with a 2-0 loss at south carolina it was a one-nothing victory in the big 12 championship [Music] tournament wise at least is carrie holland the player on the right side of your frame down getting stretched out would think gonna be a lot of sore athletes after [Music] this opener back out against an opponent for the first time going back to last season no spring scrimmages obviously and right into conference play tom will take a seat may be done for the evening going to hydrate up but does have the lone tally on the scoreboard her teammates have to try to protect it potentially add on secure a season opening victory would a win in three points will do in an abbreviated just nine match season just two shots for holland but the lone goal grosso and mcfarland have challenged the jayhawks but nothing to show for it thus far [Applause] [Music] texas moving back down grosso with space will play [Music] ball out to brooks brooks with the cross but just not quite enough strew power was there behind peters but once again in the blue goalkeep uniform sarah peters rock solid [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] texas with an opportunity here free kick coming deep in the offensive zone for hayley bird clock dwindling to almost two minutes i have to figure not too many chances remain for the burnt orange as that ball sent out of the back texas will have a corner haven't really been able to generate any quality scoring looks off of their set pieces from the corner learned to take it again this one driven low and scoots through [Music] was a texas body there but the ball had traveled just out of bounds it's a gold kick coming [Music] to texas peters will sit on this [Music] noble's back in 60 seconds on the clock [Music] [Applause] [Music] texas find another quality opportunity one last push [Music] up to bergberg will turn and that dispossessed trying to find carly allen [Music] jayhawks content to see that ball in the air for as long as possible [Music] sent into the middle berg went up chased down by allen 15 seconds remain on the clock that did test peters anchoring off that side bar but on to the top netting the clock will expire and the season opener will go in favor of the visiting kansas jayhawks it's kerry holland their leading returning goal scorer scored in the 81st minute kansas their first win in austin since 2016.

so last year's big 12 tournament champs come in and kick their season off with a win back to wrap this one up in austin jayhawks victorious one nothing way one game in the books for both of these squads kansas victorious one nothing carrie holland in the 81st minute providing the victory next time you'll see the texas longhorn soccer team back in action two weeks against oklahoma here at home texas football all access fall camp is coming up next come back to lhn tomorrow to join the texas game day crew at 5 p.

m i'm tyler denning saying good night from austin.