Backhand Drive backhand drive in this video there are 2 different drives drive from half court in doubles or drive from the rear court so my partner will be in front I am standing here and the shuttle is coming to my backhand side and then I do backhand drive

I am going to explain about this technique number 1 point how to hit the shuttle cock backhand drive, the purpose of backhand drive role of this drive is to hit empty space as soon as possible and do it in flash time, very sharply that is the role of

backhand drive and that's what players are planning to do in order to make such kind of shot the hitting technique should be different for example if I wanted to hit very accurately then I have to stay still or I have to follow like this some where here

like this but if I want to make very sharp shot then I have to hit it very sharply with tap swing which is this so tap it rather than follow through like this so you can see the difference if a player follow through then the shot is not

sharp please compare or its different so at the impact hit after the shot not follow or after shot don't stop, try to come back like this please just here so more wrist and finger so hold and hit from here when shuttle comes the racket should be pointing the

shuttle first and then hit it, that way player can make more accurate shot and more sharp shot watch this please ready hold and hit it hold and hit it hold and hit rather than without hold just hit it it makes bigger shot like this yeah different try again

the hold hold and hit hold and hit hold hold in order to hit shuttle like that player must take the shuttle little bit more in front of their body so here if they take shuttle side then my face facing there and I am hitting that way so this

does not match it should be little bit wider movement and then here so shuttle cock, net, opponent court, opponent can be seen all together so this player is hitting with opponent rather than hitting shuttle, just watching the shuttle cock can you see the difference when I am

taking shot side of my body and when I am taking shuttle in front of my body its different, this one which is not benefecial to accuracy here here now change it to in front there here here so the movement is not like this yes, player can move side

but take shuttle in front rather than move side hit side no move side way but take shuttle in front like this ok remember tapping the shot will be much sharper than follow through in order to, be able to use wrist the posture and the placement of the wrist

is important the wrist should be lower than racket head so wrist can work some where here please wrist can work like that ok have a look please like this so, its lower – higher if I do the other way like that flatter if I do that difficult to

make powerful backhand one more no like this it should be lower the wrist must be lower than racket head again like this so, key point here make impact point, the level of impact point should be similar of the level of your eyes level for example what I

mean if shuttle is little bit higher then you go little bit up again like this but shuttle is here, your eyes together when shuttle is here higher, like that you cannot do that same the other way round if shuttle goes lower, then your posture so your eyes level

should go lower together which is like this like that so hit here, your eyes there so its more focussed, concentrated rather than your eyes there and you hit here there is no feelings together please compare this one lower lower please again not here you hit here, eyes there

no feelings together should be there there rather than like this lower please yeah hit eyes too much gap together there there in this way all your feelings will pass on to the shuttle cock which your shot will be sharper and more accurate now finally the grip

this finger position is for backhand net kill not for backhand drive backhand drive should be like this in this way this can be possible so you can move your wrist there same direction easily but if you do that like this, then on the way its cocked you cannot

go any further so this is neutral grip this is for backhand drive rather than like this this is not for backhand drive if you do like that backhand kill grip have a look what happens to the drive its harder if you do neutral grip which is that grip

I showed to you just before then this action can be possible step for backhand drive in a way quite similar to backhand net kill have a look please ready here initial step will be look look and then go hit, some times you can do ready and come

back so 1 2 3 4 or 1 2 3 you can use both ways but if you are late then hit, just one step ready if you have little bit more time then that can be done to it this small step and then be ready will give you

more balanced movement and then it will give you more better shot and accurate shot ok I will hit shuttle with this steps have a look please ready 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 wrong one,

no 1, stand shuttle comes just go and one step back very slow, as you can see relax, start again 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 take shuttle away from your body you can make much stronger shot so when you are ready put your racket

away from your body so that will be possible from here shuttle comes here your racket goes straight and hit it rather than you ready like this and you go and hit like this can you see again if you do ready like that it will be quicker ready there

but if you are ready like this then likely make bigger swings like this and like this so away, before you hit hold and hit which is this hold and hit hold hit that one I hope you find something interesting and enjoyed thank you