Net Kill Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming to IBBS I hope you enjoy I am going to show you net kil backhand net kill and forehand net kill first of all for the posture, racket action and the feet and how to practice ok the posture the feet

should be little bit wider about this so, when a player have this kind of feet position they can move quicker like racing car but if a player standing like this narrow feet then they move like double decker bus can you have a look ok please if you are

ready like that then by hand please in this way look you can go here there ready but if you have this kind of posture narrow then you do that it makes completely different shot and arm, 2 arms where two arms should be placed the racket up the end

of racket should be pointing the shuttle cock if shuttle is there pointing there there and pointing there also the height of the racket should be little bit higher than net because shuttle will come around this level if you take your racket too high this is not good because

shuttle will go that way so just little bit higher than net and the second point for arm put your racket away from your body which is there if you do that ready there from here here there ready go so from here to the shuttle base quicker than put

your racket some where here when player do this most likely they make bigger swing like this here, like that fore arm like this compare this one ready and then ready there rather than like this in net kill the most important thing to remember is fast action and sharp

hit so, in order to do that that is right posture and left arm racket arm is there left arm should be some where here have balance quite often I see some players arm goes some where here so it does not make right balance and this look not positive

not aggressive enough here that's the posture, aggressive and hungry for the shuttle cock ok now how to hit at the net the finger power is important rather than wrist power wrist power is for middle court or rear court I will show you what I mean this is wrist

backhand side please yeah that's wrist big actions but at the net this is not really good rather use the finger which is this so its this power rather than that power rather than that full wrist power once again ready that one rather than forehand same here there rather

than too big swings so, in these days the finger power should be used much more than before now, the grip when you are ready at the base then your grip should be neutral why? you have no idea where your opponent will hit will he hit backhand side, forehand

side you have no idea may be 5 times guess out of 100 times so its better to be ready both ways so the grip is not forehand not backhand middle if you do forehand ready then that's problem same backhand ready that's problem so ready for both ways from

here shuttle comes to the backhand side change grip and hit and then ready again after the backhand some players they are ready for backhand again or after backhand they are ready for forehand which looks likes to me its gamble after backhand you should be ready again forehand –

ready because after the shot I have no idea where the shuttle will come back again so have a look neutral change grip, forehand neutral again backhand hit neutral again have a look please ready any side ok watch my racket please after the shot what happens ready hit –

ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready rather than rather than hit and ready like this or hit and ready like that so what happens if I am ready like that when shuttle comes here can be finished ok now advanced technique before you actually hit it

hold and hit this is advanced have a look please ready shuttle is there then your racket goes first hold and then hit so you need two actions 1 2 have a look 1 2 1 2 1 2 hold hit if you do that you will be able to

take shuttle much quicker and much sharper ok once more hold hit hold hit now this one I am not holding it just go if you think hold hit because its two actions may be slow, its not like that why? because I hold quickly without back swing while your

racket goes backwards shuttle will drop watch again slowly ready hold hit rather than ready go hit 2 – 3 times bigger slower forehand ready tap rather than ready and just hit so if you want to play advanced badminton always remember hold hit hold hit hold hit I will

show you again ok both ways watch my racket please hold hit hold hit hold hit hold hit hold hit hold hit finally hunger, does not matter what ever technique movement you do if you don't have hunger for the shuttle cock those techniques will not work please compare this

actions this player now ready hungry to be the winner and to intercept have a look please yeah like this faster please faster hit ready hit ready hit ready rather than before the technique here most important thank you I hope you find this video beneficial to you thank you

very much