Different types of backhand net drop ok now the simple net play shuttle come you do the net, go over the net normally they use it for singles have a look net ok now the next one is flat net play, which can be used in doubles because if shuttle

goes up little bit in doubles one of opponent is already there so he or she can kill it to prevent opponent to kill the net play you must hit it flat as possible have a look please flat, so they can't kill it now Tom, put shuttles down take

racket now ready take one shuttle I do normal net play and you kill it after net play ready there then he can kill it because shuttle goes up now, but if I do that way yeah, its difficult kill it, try to kill it its difficult to kill it

so flat can be used for doubles now the single specialized net play because singles, opponent is little bit far let's say after drop shot even if you hit little bit high because he is away its difficult to kill it its better in singles go little bit high but

shuttle goes steeper ok have a look this is I call it single net play by hand please watch the shuttle fly here – there and the shuttle goes straight down so instead of you hit that way you hit up here and then shuttle goes down now have a

look Tom I do take the racket shuttles give it to me, all of them do the net, I will do the single net try to lift it please ok have a look I do that lift it again there yeah even they try to lift it it can't go

further so you can kill it but don't use it when opponent is doing net net and if you do this shot it can be killed like that so you do net I do loose net, it can be killed you use this technique when opponent hits drop shot and

then you can do that one more yeah drop you have to do that and then kill it so that is for singles net so I showed you three normal net net shot for doubles flat net shot for singles which goes very tight now you can spin the net

shot depending on where the shuttle is coming from ok throw by hand from cross side here net let's say shuttle is coming from specially the cross direction over there to here and you knew it so you are able to take shuttle early at net and then you can

spin it have a look further back please over the net watch this close to the net yeah spin it so it will be difficult to lift now next kind is deceptive net straight please you hold show your opponent like net and show your opponent lift, but still do

net so this is more deceptive net play have a look net so you hold and add some false action so opponent, because your racket is going down he will be doing that and he delay the movement to the shuttle cock now have a look again all again normal

net as you know now, doubles net flat to prevent the opponent to kill it it does not matter, if it goes little bit higher that is most important thing, not to hit too high so opponent can kill it now next one is spin, sorry next one is single

net play go very tight, you can add little bit height but you take chance shuttle goes like that which can give you immediate point or opponent try to lift it shuttle goes only half court or shorter you can kill it ok single tight net have a look how

shuttle fly now next one is spin shuttle comes cross direction you follow and you spin it and this is I call it the winning shot once you have opportunity normally the rally ends here or smash the last one I showed you is deceptive net play show net

play, show lift, but net play again 3 deceptions so hold and lift hold lift hold lift ok so there are how many 1 2 3 4 5 different kind of net play can be made from your backhand side and I will show you how it should be done

in detail, moths after months