Helping The Rear Court Player Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming In this video I will show you the number 3 situation in doubles which is front player is helping rear court player have a look please ok, there is situation like this imagine you are at the

net like that when shuttle goes to the rear court some where middle some where there then we call it attacking situation you move same side little bit backward you ready for intercept and net kill but if your partner is moving from that corner to that deep corner can

you go there please deeper, much deeper, yeah that corner then you don't do like that in this situation because that's too much room is left in that situation, you think your partner is under pressure and he will find difficult to go from that corner to that corner then

you move backwards your feet should be little bit that way this feet position will allow you to go to that corner if opponent lift shuttle there then you go and then your partner will go to forward again ready please ok could you go that corner and then you

will change like this 1 2 3 you are ready and then ready like that over there you change like this 1 2 3 corners ready rather than you stand here, you change it too close, too far so you move backward little bit and ready like single ok two

players will show you how to do this one have a look please watch front player, how they move they will be here at the beginning shuttle goes backward they move backward and then change the feet little bit in order to cover the emptier areas ok ready go

ok like this shuttle is that corner ready shuttle is this corner and then ready shuttle is that corner change it go that corner ok like that excellent so, if you feel your partner under pressure very deep corner, then you move backward change feet and then if shuttle goes

that corner you go rather than you just stay at net leave every thing to the partner which is not good like this ok don't handle it just stay ready go corner corner corner yeah, that's not possible so, doubles the important thing is to help your partner like

this now look corner and hit corner hit second point here imagine your partner is under pressure you move backwards change your feet, try to help the other corner but please remember, the front two corners are your main responsibility, you must not forget this one you cover this

one first and then if you can help your partner's corner not, every thing to try and help your partner's corner and you forget about your main responsibility have a look please this is not the right way to do it ok shuttle goes corner ready for rear and

forget about net which is wrong ready go like this and then that is not right also same this is not right this corner ready for that corner no you must be ready for net first and then help rear court like this ready rear court is empty but still

you are able to do that still you are able to do that and then empty and you go thank you very much so not don't forget your main responsibility change please one more ready go ready corner and then yes like that corner, ready for rear ready for net

you might ask why the player front court player change their feet from like this to like that or like that that feet position allows the player to move that empty corner quicker than other ones have a look please ok just, Robin, you rest when feet is like that

because that's empty then much quicker from that posture smash please like this rather than face like this, more like that that position is better for net rather than, that corner that position, side by side is good for intercept or good for there but side by side face me,

yeah like that that one is not good there but if you change like this like this yeah like that its ok also its ok there one more there that's why depending on which corner is empty your feet can be like this or like that I hope you are

able to perform this way of movement some time in the near future thank you