Net Play in Level Double for Tim by Lee Jae Bok Hello Tim good to see you in action I saw your clips and I found number of things to tell you of course you are doing few good things right your return service is good you are hitting to the mid court push pretty well and you are focussed, you want to win but same time I can see your fitness has to be improved now, after I saw you your action clip the most important thing to improve your net techniques, be able to be confident and be able to take more shots from the net in level doubles is number 1 – your mind when I see you moving around I can tell you move around without intention to take shuttle cocks I can see you just move around so, it does not matter what ever technique what ever tactic what ever positioning I tell you it will not work unless you put your mind to take it intercept the shuttle cock, watch this ok, Tim this is you opponent, shuttle is going around shuttle goes back, you move shuttle comes you move shuttle goes you move comes so when you are at net you are doing that so you are continously moving and there is no intention what you should do is if shuttle goes to the rear corner instead of moving with shuttle together and together come together together come you have to move quicker than shuttle cock and you must stop you have to stop when your opponent is hitting you have to stop watch this here this is you shuttle been hit then you have to go quick and then ready ready and then move instead what you do shuttle goes back you move like this you move there is no time really looking for the shuttle cock ok watch this shuttle been hit ready and then go yeah wait and then move what you do like this shuttle been hit instead of going together shuttle been hit yeah set your position and wait opponent hit look and then move so, the number 1 thing you have to do you have to really believe it number 2 – technically you have to move faster to the place and you must stop shuttle been hit wait stop shuttle been hit look what you are doing like this number 2 point I found from your clip is this your partner drop over there when your opponent is about to hit it most of the time you are moving forward so like that partner did drop shot then you are coming, do that instead he drop shot you have to stop same partner did drop shot here or fast check smash, fast drop shot when your opponent is hitting it same time you are moving forward because you are moving when your opponent is hitting you can't follow the shuttle cock because you have no idea where shuttle will be going so because you are moving forward, its difficult to change direction so remember, your partner did drop shot and then opponent is hitting it you have to stop stop rather than coming and then coming ok that's number 2 point when your opponent is hitting no when your partner is hitting when your opponent is taking the shuttle cock you have to stop ok so you can change directions yeah shuttle is there stop and then hit stop and then hit stop and then go stop and hit not like this ok, number 3 – looking for drive intercept first instead of looking for the net it looks like, you seems to the net you are worried about it no, to the net is second the first thing is opponent drives or mid court push from your partners smash so, it is better you stop and then do that ready for this or this like that or like that and then opponent do the net play and then you move forward because you are ready for more net if shuttle goes little bit deeper you have to do that like this or you have to just pass the shuttle cocks because your mind is ready for the net not the intercept remember if you are ready for fast drive still you can take the net shot because the net shot has to be slow so ready for fast and then ready for slow net secondary at the moment you are doing opposite you are ready for slow net because you are looking for that area if shuttle goes little bit quicker side then eventually you have to do that like this or just like this shuttle goes so, make your base little bit backward and then when your opponent is defencing your partners smash ready for here ready, ready and then kill because no shuttle cock comes to the net fast the net shot means slow you have time to move forward ok can you see the logic ready for the fast one and then ready for the slow shot not ready for slow shot and then try to take fast shot after it won't work number 4 – your vision, your view, your preparation when you are at the net at the moment when you are at the net your vision is narrow your vision is there like this yeah there or there so if shuttle goes there and there you can't when you are at the net make your feel awareness, your vision wider feel that feel there ready here here ready like this but your body movement is not wide and solid your body movement is narrow like this so like that if shuttle goes you do that like this its not like that feel wide feel here there together yeah if shuttle goes there more here like this here, wait and go wait not like this like that next point is your position in the net where you should be in different situations now if number 1 if your partner ok goes to the center little bit there, stop backward little bit if your partner is about there to attack not deep corner then you have to move same side little bit your feet should be side by side here and then ready like this so, you don't worry about the rear you are ready ok but if your partner goes that corner or here then you don't do because of that problem you have to move back to the center changing your feet in this way like this so you are ready for that one that one and that one wider like singles if you do that and when your partner is there if opponent flicked there he can't get to it too far because your feet is like that you can't get to that one ok now again centre then side by side, just ready for the net, intercept he goes to that corner then move back, you change your feet that way so, 1 2 3 ready the other way same now your partner goes there stop then you move little bit side, same side side by side, ready for the net, side intercept but if your partner goes that corner deep then you don't do that you have to stay centre turn it that way so you can take this one, take that one and then you can move back, if shuttle been hit that side ok, so now next one very important for you now come, stop there ready to smash so he is standing little bit closer not too deep then you should stand about one step back little bit close to the net because his attack will be strong opponent will have weaker return stay here but if he goes deeper there deep then you don't stay you should stay 1 2 further back because his attack will be not as strong as when he was at the net stay back and then cover wider ok now he is smashing from little bit closer your position comes little bit slightly close not here never not here about here but if shuttle been hit deeper then you move little bit backward but at the moment you are standing same spot regardless where your opponent is sorry regardless where your partner is hitting from ok, same here so there your partner is attacking little bit closer then average 1 little bit here, be close to the net little bit but if opponent hit deep corner then here you have a problem because between you and your partner there is too much gap there so, opponent also have wider corner because his attack won't be strong when your partner been hit to rear deep corner that way then you should go 1 2 to that side like this ok little bit further back ok so your position has to be changed ok how where your partner is hitting is he center side by side some time little bit closer some time little bit back depending on forward, you forward backwards, you backwards but if he goes there then change it ready for three corners not the attacking because that's big problem there ok again the other side he is closer centre you little bit close to the net but if he has been hit deeper you move back deeper, wider so you cover wider corners if he goes to corner and that's problem then don't do it you do that so do that and then opponent flicked there you go and your partner will go in ok ok so, try change your feet change your position depending on what situation your partner is in ok now, the things to practice by yourself shadow yeah you are here ok about close just behind the service line ok, Tim have a look if shuttle imagine opponent lift shuttle there by your self you don't need partner just practice its bang at the moment you do that like this what you should do bang move ready ok imagine opponent hit, you imagine, he hits there ready ok he hits centre, ready he hits there ready so, practice quickly back and stop quickly back, stop stop stop and then hit stop – hit look hit the important thing technically for you be able to stop and watch you are watching the shuttle cock but you are not really watching the shuttle cock there is no real belief in taking the shot during the match you are saying to yourself ha Tim I am not good I am not good at net I can't take I can hear that, I can hear you are saying it to yourself during the match that's why 70-80% of your doubles you were at the back that is disabled doubles badminton you should be able to do both equally 50-50 you should be able to have confidence at the net as well as back court so in that match I saw you you work 70-80% and your partner worked 20-30% and by after the first game and middle of the second game you are physically nearly finished ok because you were keep moving side to side so Tim to conclude what I saw you number 1 – you must believe it, you can do it number 2 – be able to stop and watch number 3 – be able to take opponent fast shot around here first and then try to take net but at the moment you are trying to take net and then try to take fast ones so it does not work and now, practice if you have to lose because you been at the net you must do it if you don't do it eventually you will play disabled badminton ok be happy to make mistake, face the mistake if you can't do it this week you can do it next week try to do make 1 shot right in a match if you can do that, you are successful next match you will be able to do 2 shots right and 3 shots right the most important thing is your desire belief, passion to be able to challenge to take from now on say it to yourself you are very good you are going to be the best player in your club at the net ok, good luck I want to see, how you improved in next clip if you have any questions about what you saw anything you are not clear email me, ok I will explain it to you more good luck Tim 1.

Tell your self that you are going to be good at the net play 2.

Totally just focus the shuttlecock without worry about it 3.

Find the right place fast and stop there and watch then you can see 4.

Be ready for fast shots and then be ready for slow net shots 5.

Make your posture lower and wider 6.

When you have to watch you are thinking about it (when you are at the net you look like watching the shuttlecock but you are not really watching) No Pain No Gain Try, Try and Try until you make it right Good Luck Tim – Lee Jae Bok.