What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (13) Facing wrong direction I see many club players facing completely wrong direction when they are taking backhand clear for example let's say my base is like that I am playing that way net is there so this player is ready opponent hits shot to

his backhand side shuttle is flying behind of him watch this players face so he is ready shuttle goes he turns and then face that way he is hitting the other side but he is facing that way and hitting like that so his body is there his arm is

behind him racket is behind him and hit the other side many problems number 1 because he faces completely wrong way when he is hitting the other way he doesn't have idea where shuttle will go he is hitting with complete guess number 2 because shuttle is completely behind him

his body is here shuttle is here how can he generate power to hit the other side he has to only rely on his wrist here this is not strong enough to hit backhand clear in this way number 3 problem let's say he hits drop shot because he can

hit clear like this he hits drop shot now watch the time he has to get ready hit and then he should turn and then ready it takes too long shuttle will go already the other direction when he is coming shuttle will go already because he has to turn

too big distance too big directions so one more this is not the ideal way not the right way to hit backhand clear ready shuttle goes turn and hit it like that he is watching over there when he is hitting the other side like that but surprisingly many club

players are doing this way this is the way I believe this player should do ready shuttle goes back instead of turn and face this way he has to move backwards and hit side so shuttle should be side even its late so he can see it he can feel

it, the other side this way he is watching it just little bit he can see where shuttle goes compare this way or that way number 2 because shuttle is side of me I can use power compare with like this number 3 because I moved back and made shuttle

side of me after the shot I am ready in just one step but if I do that it takes 2 times or 3 times longer to get ready for the next shot ok I am ready like that shuttle has been hit I turn and face that way shuttle

is behind me here ok watch the power so let's say I drop here I drop I still cannot see the other side I hit it with complete hope I hope this shot goes straight some where over there I hope this shot goes cross somewhere over there so I

hit with hope now power shuttle goes he turns face the other side his body is here racket is behind him now he wanted to hit long clear he has to do that watch again there like this like that he has to completely rely on that action because he

can't use his arm and body because shuttle is behind him he is facing over there now compare if this player changes the way he is moving to the shuttlecock from turn and face the other way to move back more make side of it yeah so let's say I

am here shuttle is side of me here then I can here do more power instead of like that and number 3 point I turn, I face completely the other direction I hit and then I have to get ready it takes too long but if I take shuttlecock side

then I am ready the most important thing is ready shuttle goes back how he is moving to the shuttlecock 8 or 9 out of 10 club players when shuttle goes they turn and follow that way watch this here bang they turn it and then go this should be

changed here bang he has to go back and hit side it is better to do that he has to take shuttlecock little bit late is better than take it high early in that way because he has no vision to the other side he cannot use his power after

the shot he will be completely late to get ready for the next attack so please try so ready, bang and go that way hit instead of turn and hit this way ok watch so players do this way ok clear like that ok watch one more he is ready

shuttle goes and turns like this so he faces there this should be changed this way ready here there you are ready let shuttle go you go side Compare your opponent is over there you are hitting the other side it is better your eyes your body more remains that

way that way that way than like that like that