Hi guys welcome to another episode ofultimate bucket list and on today's show i'm here at stamford bridge the famoushome of chelsea football club one of the oldest stadiums in thecountry and technically the national stadium before wembley was inventedstamford bridge is home to the famous chelsea football clubthe blues the pensioners the pride of londonthis stadium holds 41 837 but you'd be forgiven for thinking thatit holds significantly more so when you come towards the stadium i'mhere outside the britannia gates it looks as big and imposing as it doeson the tv especially here at the west standthere's plenty of things to see such as this cool banner and be sure tocheck out the main statue on the west stand yes this is the giantstatue of one of the greatest heroes mr pete osgood anyway to start the touryou'll need to go to your left and towards the stadiumtours and museum building right here now you could buy tickets onthe day but i highly recommend that you pre-bookonce you pick up your tickets you get a cool photo opportunitywith two european cups let's see how these lookat oh my god i've grown a good seriously is that how i look go throughthe circular tunnel and up the lift and you'll come out intothe chelsea museum where it was pretty obvious that i'mwearing the wrong color what's wrong with this honestly it waslight-hearted banter but there's this one lady right here whoobviously didn't approve of my choice of garmentsoh well moving on it's actually quite an expansive museumthere's plenty of things to see such as this scale model of stamford bridgewhen it was originally built stafford bridge in its current configurationthere's even a model of what stanford bridge is going to look likein the future huh that's an interesting designthe best part of the museum is actually looking at the amount of silverware thatthey've won so their five premier league trophieswhich is still eight shorts of manchester united'sand their eight fa cups which is still six shorts ofarsenal's no disrespect but still a pretty good haultrophies that i've never even heard of i mean what's this thing hereinternational champions cup huh that's a funny looking cuphave a look at the wall of shirts and it's easy to forget that they've hadsome amazing kits over the years they've even got a video presentationwall the tour actually starts in the museumone of the more unique things that i've never come acrossis that here you get photo opportunities with match worn itemsso here's mason mount game war england shirt which iskind of cool you get a short talk about the champions league winningseason in 2012 so here's the cup and here are all the game-worn shirtsand boots which makes an awesome display you also get a talkabout various things that you may have missed whilst walking around yourselfsuch as the fact that chelsea originally wore teal not royal blueand the fact that chelsea traditionally attracts celebrity fansboy she was a bonnie girl back in the day after a short talk about the futureof chelsea football club it's now time to go down the stairs outof the building and into the matthew harding stand whereyou'll go by flight of steps and actually look at the stadium for thefirst time now the sight lines here are actuallypretty good but for some reason you don't stay here anawful lot in fact we're moving already so if you are goingto take photos and videos especially if you want to take it fromthe matthew harding stand be very quick about itbut whilst walking towards the middle of the stadium you can appreciate the factthat this stadium has some pretty damn goodviews and yes they put the green dots therebecause of covid now for some reason we don't stay herefor very long in the middle of the pitch either so i think there's something thathe's leading us to but if you're quick enough you can getall the photos and videos you can just from the short walk between thematthew harding stan and the middle of the fieldanyway down the steps you go and into the press roomtraditionally this is where all the press conferences happen but because ofkovid they've actually repurposed this to bethe player's massage area but this doesn't detract from thefact that this is actually a cool room and when thingsreturn to normal i'm sure it'll be a press room againyou even get photo opportunities with you sitting in the press conference areathanks dude after you've done that it's time to walk into the player interviewarea which believe it or not is a lot smallerthan you think it is next up is the home changing room andboy is this how big it is it's massivethis is bigger than two changing rooms put togetheri mean even the warm up area is massive seriously the camera angle here reallydoesn't do it justice it's pretty palatial in here once youwalk into the dressing room feel free to take lots of pictures ofall the shirts that are hanging on the walland check out chelsea's new kit for this seasoni've seen better ones and yes i am laughing hystericallybehind my mask at this guy this is a very nicely presented dressingroom and pay attention to the tour guide because he tells you some veryinteresting facts about this place so after checking out the showerfacilities it's now time to go into the players tunneland walk out onto the field to the tune of chelsea's walk-on music so and by the way don't forget to wave atthe camera because 20 seconds later it appears on the bigscreen just like this guy check out this loserright here future in here you're halfway throughthe video and let me tell you about the upcoming competition to win this chelseagoodie bag that i bought at the chelsea club shopstick around until the end of the video to find out more but in the meantimeback to the tour so the views from the middle of the field are actually quiteincredible you get to sit in the chelsea dugout orthe away teams dugout if you want to and i'm tempted to run into the middleof the field not because i want to touch the grass but because it'sblazing hot today seriously it's like 35 degrees celsius out thereand it is boiling but anyway there's plenty of cool stuffto see whilst you're down here be sure to check out some of the coolsigns and some of the interesting bannersand this is a good opportunity to ask your tour guide questionsspeaking of tour guides let me introduce you to lenlen has been a proud servant of chassis football club for over 21 yearsand he was an excellent tour guide not only was he incredibly knowledgeablebut we had a few bits of banter along the waystraightforward black and white that's it no don't can't do many jokes becauseobviously this will be online in around the worldand i've been here 21 years old guy and then i lose my job becauseclever guy they did want to use old trafford butthey said it's just a little bit too far if you do get len as part of your tourhonest to god you're going to have a fantastic timeso anyway let's walk out of the sun because we're all kind of dying hereit really is that hot out here today and we walkup one of the corners where the away fans generally sitto be honest if you're an away fan and you sit here it's a pretty damn goodview i mean look at that i'm actuallyrelieved to be out of the sun a little bit hereand len actually gives us a little bit of a talk about the various londonrivalries you also get to find out a little bitabout their premier league winning seasonsand you get to learn about the history of the evolution of the chelsea badgewhich from a graphic design point of view i think they have one of the bestlogos in all the football but anyway no timeto admire that because you then step out into the shed end thisis where all the fanatical chelsea supporters siti can imagine that it gets pretty loud here you get to learn some interestingfacts about the stadium here and various photo opportunities it'shard to imagine that this place only holds 41000 because it looks significantly bigger than thatask whatever questions you need to ask because after thatit's pretty much the end of your tour they'll lead you down the stairsand out of the exits while you'll come across the chelsea shop hey how's it going all right now the chelsea shop is actually prettydamn cool they've got lots of shirts for you tobuy if you're interested in that sort of thingand one of the cool things that the shop has is that it has replicasof the trophies that they've won seriously they should include this inmore shops but this is the only one i've seen it inlook at that display it's pretty damn awesomebut before you go i highly recommend that you take a walk around the stadiumyou'll see some interesting cool things like the shed wallwhich is kind of like a hall of fame with all of their greatest playersdidi drogba ron chopper harris boy he was a hell of a player and let'ssee who we've got over here oh it's a former arsenal player rightcheck out the hotel and the sports bar and grill located on one side of thestadium and you can check out the player andmatch officials entrances as well chelsea health club and spathey have one of those here oh my god they doit's right on site boy this place has everythingokay nin i'm sold what do i need to do well you need to come hereto stamford bridge it's situated in the fulham district of londonyes fulham not chelsea and the easiest way to get here is to actually usefulham broadway tube station if you get out of here stanford bridgeis literally a two minute walk down the streetyou can take buses and also drive here but if you do drive here there's no freeparking so bear that in mind if you are in a car the cost to do thetours well the top actually is reasonablypriced it's 21 pounds but i decided to get theextended classic tour which was 26.

25 or something like thati highly recommend that for the extra five pounds you actually get the classictour is there anything else i need to knowyes the classic tour only runs once a day at 10 past threeother tours are available throughout the day so that's not too badthere's a security guy over there picking it very suspiciously as if tosay well i've just literally been kicked out ofstamford bridge not because i've done anything wrong of course butjust had some overzealous security guard future in here i actually mouth offquite significantly in this part of the videoin short an overzealous security guard approached mewe had this conversation now i was only recording this section against the wallso i'm not entirely sure what his problem was i didn't kick up a fusshence why i'm looking so cheesed off in this part of the videoand you might be saying well rules are rules but i actually asked these twokind security guards if i could do this before i actually startedso it's not as if i didn't ask so i'm not entirely sure what that guy'sproblem was but it's resulted in some seriousdowngrade points so where does this rank in the hierarchyof stadium tours it should be higher but it's not it only takes one person toruin your day but overall him aside i actually had afantastic time here if you do do the tour i still highlyrecommend it and if you do get len as your tour guideyou're in for a fantastic time so it's competition time and i'm givingyou the chance to win this goodie bag comprising of a chelseashirt of your choice in your size keyring lanyard pin badge scarf and bagand all you have to do is follow the link in the description belowand enter there help me out by spreading my content across the worldand hopefully win some goods at the same timeeven if the prizes aren't for you it's a good competition to enterso enter as many times as you'd like if you have enjoyed thisvideo please be sure to like share and subscribe comment on the comment sectionbelow and if i get enough suggestions for morebucket list ideas feel free to tweet them at meget enough suggestions i'll go ahead and do that so guys thank you very much forwatching and we'll see you in the next episodebut guys if you do get lent as your tour guide honest to godyou're in for a fantastic time i think himgordon anfield and king david of celtic if you get any of these three in any ofthese stadium tours i reckon you're in for a fantastic time Ninh Ly – www.



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