Hey everyone, Simon here with Top Tennis Training, and in this video I'm going to show you three drills toget more power on your serve.

Now before we get into drill one let'sjust talk about power in general.

So different power sources on your serveinclude the leg drive, so really exploding with the legs, the rotation, the coil and uncoil motion, hips in the court so stretching the leftside of your body if you're a right-handed player, the throwing mechanics plus supinationand pronation, and of course the racket head speed.

Sothe faster your racket head is traveling through that point ofcontact the more power you'll get so anything that gives you more racketspeed will give you more power so drill one is all about that throwingmechanics and increasing the power that you get from the throwingposition so when we reach the power position onthe serve or the trophy position like so you can see how much it mimics thatfrying motion if i was going to throw a ball i'd getinto a position similar to this so the left hand is pointing up towardsthe ball the right shoulder has tilted downthe left shoulder has come up now and i'm in that throwing positionlike so so drill one is just getting into that positiondropping the back shoulder and instead of throwing the ball forward nowi'm throwing the ball forward but also upwards so i'm seeing how high i can getthe ball to go above the court and then land onthe other side now while you're doing this you couldalso work on that leg drive at the same timeand this will initiate that forward phase of the server now remember what you don't want to bedoing is just throwing it forward like so now i can get good length for that and ican fire up my arm to get more power from that positionbut my energy is being directed forward as opposed to up to the point of contactand that's why it's so important to get into that position herebefore you actually release the ball you're dipping that right shoulderthe left shoulder is coming up and only when i reach that position where i feellike my body has tilted now i release it but i'm releasing it inthat upwards motion as opposed to forward because when iserve i want my energy going up to the point of contactdrill two is now all about the leg drive so when we get into that power positionhopefully we have a good knee bend we want to feel that we're using our legdrive to go down and up as explosively as you can because thequicker you can go down and up on your servethe more height you'll get on your contact point but also the more powerwill be generated from that ground upwardsso that kinetic chain on the serve starts with a leg driveif we don't have a leg drive we can still get power yesbut we won't be hitting our maximum power as ifwe're driving properly with both legs so in this drill you're going to be jumpingover some cones some hurdles it doesn't have to be toohigh it could be a couple of inches off the ground onlybut you're just working on that leg drive and making sure that both legsexplode up into that point of contact now to beginwe're going to do it with no ball all i'm going to be doing is shadowingmyself and driving over these cones and i'll bedemonstrating both the platform and the pinpoint now once you start filling explosivewith just the shadow serves you're going to add the bowl so we'regoing to do our normal serve but hopefully getting over those hurdles now in order for this drill to beeffective you may have to adjust the cone positions so if you're someonewho throws the ball more in line with the baseline yourcones may be just inside the baseline or touching thebaseline if you're someone who likes to throw the ball more in frontinside the court then you'll be able to place the coins more inside the cord ofcourse and drill number three is now all aboutisolating that rotational power so that coiland uncoil that you want to have on your serve now if we think about it on theforehand when we start the preparation phase wecoil the upper body and we stretch the core muscles sostretching especially the oblique muscles and then as weuncoil we unwind and those muscles fire and help usproduce more power same thing on the serve we want to feelthat we're firing those muscles by coiling the upper body at the startof the serve now you might not coil as much as aplayer like sampras someone who would really coil upmassively and get that massive power from his trunkbut you still want to coil to some degree and this drill is very effectivein helping you feel that coil and uncoil and helping you isolate that trunkrotational power all i'm going to be doing is serving with my feetfacing the net so both feet are pointing towards the neti can still drive with my legs but that won't be my main source of powermy main source of power will now be that trunk powerthat rotational power and as you'll see i have to really isolatethat motion to generate pace now you may take a step forward as yourelease so you may go into a leg drive and drive up slightly but that's notyour main power source in this drill it's all about that coiland on coil as fast as possible so there you have it three drills to getmore power on your serve if you've enjoyed this video give it athumbs up leave a comment down below as well what would you like to see from usin the near future any lessons just leave them down belowsubscribe to the channel and make sure you turn on thatnotification bell signing off simon from tttall the best and see you soon guys take care so you.