today you guys are gonna be playing kicking ass as we play a good old-fashioned friendly game of soccer in these parts they like to call it football only we here at the challenge don't like to play a friendly game of anything so you guys are gonna be wearing

these giant orbs and come on out bees [Music] oh my gosh [Music] we're all going to be in giant bubbles on stilts kicking a workout ball this is going to be hilarious and awesome thank you sir now you guys are going to be divided into two teams two

players from each team will be designated to pick up your teammates when they fall on their asses the other six players are going to try and kick the ball into the opponent's net the game will be played best of three rounds first team to score two goals wins

the match the winning team will receive 25 000 and you will also have to choose three players from your own ranks to form that troika the losing team will be choosing one person to send into the elimination round now kayla you won the last elimination round you earned

yourself a grenade you give you the pick cash up take anybody's money team up pick the teams today or put up or shut up you can choose any player you want to have to win themselves into the troika or be sent straight to the inquisition go ahead what's

it going to be welcome to your next challenge on this season of vendettas now kayla you won the last elimination round you earned yourself a grenade you could either pick cash up team up or put up or shut up go ahead what's it gonna be [Music] um i'm

gonna pick teams are you sure yep okay damn kayla i hope you don't put me on a bad team i didn't say your name remember that throw me a bone i had to choose teams last season on dirty 30 and i completely messed it up i'm gonna go

derek the fact that she does not pick ct solidifies that she's not the most intelligent human being so i've realized thus far that being on a good team is the most important thing in these challenges if you're not on a good team you're never going to make it

into the troika and if you're not in the troika you can't control the game all right kayla thank you very much all right team one is zack tony brad kyle kayla cam natalie and nicole we have a solid team my only worry about this is that if it's

a girl's elimination day then who is the fall girl me or cam team two is leroy bananas nelson devin cara britney jimmy and kaylee i put the weakest girls cara and all of the injured people all on one team all of us have to be on stilts inside

of bubbles i wouldn't want to do that if i were injured so i'll just let all of them hang out together and let my team win if i'm on stilts i will basically just be bouncing in place okay so you're picking us up then i couldn't be in

a worse position going into this i'm injured be gentle oh my god i'm on a team with nelson who can't walk on his own feet let alone stilts and all of the most uncoordinated females in the house oh i'm super excited to kick some ass you know i've

been at the house working on my soccer girls we have a soccer ball back there so i've been kicking it early in the morning while everybody's asleep johnny stay with me okay i got you let's go blue this is us guys all right guys you ready come on

brad go go go kick it straight away kick it straight away [Music] nice positioning watching everyone on stilts is hilarious they look like astronauts that just landed on the moon and they have no idea what they're doing come on guys there is absolutely no point having natalie there

she can't lift anything it's all me doing it myself [Music] it's extremely important for us to win today i got a long list of vendettas and on top of that in this house new rivals and new alliances are made every day i've seen it all tides can turn

very very quickly bananas definitely wants me out of this game and the only way that's gonna happen is if we lose so i need to push right now to win this game come on [Music] good guys one nothing let's go let's go devin scores the first goal and

it's exciting i mean we're kind of the underdogs here yeah all right guys you ready it goes on come on doc come on tony come on go nicole center that up get that ball guys [Music] i don't know if i'll be joining any type of uh zorb stilt

soccer league but yeah look we scored our first goal and it seems like now we're really clicking there's nobody in this house including my best friend leroy that wants to see me make it to and win another final and as i look around i see about 15 vendettas

here so i either have to win or i go home all right the score is one to one you get this one you guys win today's challenge vendettas is a very dirty game and i'm actually scared if we lose all right the score is one to one you

get this one you guys win today's challenge you guys [Music] ready my team can't even stay on their stilts for more than three seconds this game is like one step forward two steps back since coming back from my injury i feel good like my head isn't hurting my

breathing is good i just so badly want to get this win [Music] there's nothing in front of me besides the ball and the goal and the only thing i can do is use my bubble to hit that ball when zach scores i have never felt happier in my

life he's a beautiful beautiful beautiful man for doing that [Music] that was an amazing game of football and the curse of kayla's teams are over congratulations kayla [Music] i picked a good team and i think i might have just flipped this whole game around who knew so you

guys win today's challenge and now you got to form the troika so pick three people from your ranks to form that troika for me go ahead and do that i definitely want to be in it because first of all i gave up a lot of money to make

those teams i could have taken it from someone that's great second of all if someone gets a grenade they're going to use it on me i got to protect myself and be that trick i think that's without saying kayla goes in all right i'd just like to say

i assisted two of those goals all right brad wants to be in the troika i'm sorry dude nobody's gonna remember who assisted everybody's gonna remember who scored the goals and that was me and zach so what about this we all agree that everybody over here this is good

no matter what if it's a girl or a guy day okay yes okay okay so me zach i'll vote for caleb kayla okay yeah all right kayla who's it gonna be um it's gonna be me zach and tony all right so you zach and tony are the troika

now for the losing team this week is a guy's elimination so bananas we'll start with you who are you gonna send my vote's gonna be for devon he's had a target on my back now it's time for the layup card to be pulled next up devin my vote's

gonna be for bananas we have an opportunity to send my lone vendetta bananas directly into the ring against most likely his biggest ally leroy and get one of them out of this game nelson bananas leroy i'm gonna go ahead and say devon the score is two to two

between bananas and devin carmaria i gotta go with who has my back more so i'm gonna have to put devin brittany i gotta say johnny the score is three to three jimmy it all comes down to jemmy and kaylee jimmy and nelson are pretty good friends kaylee and

nelson are hooking up it makes sense for them to stick with nelson's vote as much as i would love to say banana's name you're welcome she has looked out for me i love you jeremy no she's not i just have to play my smartest game at this point

so devin i'm sorry so devin that's four votes for you three votes for bananas it all comes down to this kaylee final vote kaylee's somewhat of a wild card because she obviously has been hooking up with nelson and it's gonna come down to kaylee either being smart or

doing what nelson wants her to do um kaylee final vote um this person's had my back since day one so i'm gonna have to go with you devin sorry bananas is always on my back is this an actual just a literal joke no it's not it's not oh

my god seriously i was very surprised that kaylee voted devon in over johnny kaylee is involved with nelson nelson and devin are number ones is that not your alliance girl idiot serious business i love all you idiots devin i'll be seeing you in the ring i would really

like to be mean right now but i'm gonna take the high road here tj i'll see you in the ring i'm gonna take the high road after i call them all idiots and that's that devin is not quite happy that i said his name to go into nomination

even though i was wanting to support nelson a minute to win money for myself so i'm not planning on being loyal to anyone troika you guys are now gonna have to deliberate and decide oh my god three guys what happened there descend into the inquisition where they'll plead

their case as to why they should stay in the game one of those guys is gonna be battling it out with devin i would like you to send in bananas please i will get bananas and i will send him home they'll see you in the ring pal careful

what you wish for buddy take care guys i'd like to say i dodged the bullet but considering who was up for nomination and who was on our team i don't really think that was the case the troika consists of tony kayla and zach and i'd say my odds

of not going into the ring are good i mean that was that was so good [Music] i've been wanting to see bananas in the ring at an elimination for a long time and this is the golden opportunity people are afraid of him and they play a scared game

but you want to know who's not afraid of him me that was so dumb that was so good you guys are idiots you