a world light dock [Music] of the Euro Cup if all of us have they do not have shields and they are equal than usual but do not carry shields is that also east and east What is the hair that new month social hair and feces of the old

this year what changes with the other year of the world cup is that the other year yes they had the best shields now what we get and will do the video closely [Music] well these are the old ones that we have here this is fair to look at

the one of the atleti from madrid when you were at a griezmann we also want us to leave on umpires now coutinho rodrigo [Music] in this link I'm going to put it in front here it goes here well we leave this here it is worth that new ball

is already planned blue which is the same as the World Cup old is this which is blue these are the old old men and we will also call them all old we have and all those balls and this is worth and the blue ones are this year's and

here if you group are the new ones are the new we are going to seal it all the new ones that we have all but the one of Spain but it's not cool either because it doesn't have the the old spanish coat of arms did not have the

eithershield that is this but the new ones nor for example the Argentina of another year yes it had the shield that We already made a video a thousand years ago to watch the new ones not anymore the video madrid [Music] ok now the new ones el pelito also

brown the new ones that we lack the new ones and nothing without shields again also that the eggs to all the new ones if that will be until france nothing is too bad or nothing has been put but good i [Music] we have the ancients at least here

inside we finish a sum and it takes us to look as if they are already shield and the from germany with the stars and has watch out for the zoom wait wait tell me tell me to design one that is very old very old of these players that

we have more our goalkeepers so this time it's not worth it either you buy them because also the best there is no Eurocup that does not compose on coronaviruses compared to the others Better buy the ones from the other year of world that carry at least the little

stars and some shields and what are the good ones but look at mexico through mexico in spain the spain this year is worth nothing and this one for least has a pass and obviously from my mind one thing for need is missing and is here someone has put

the number ahead but good [Music] look with translated the glove that we needed to know and we are missing quite a few more from france in we start again why not let's start again we are finishing and we are seeing if we put it in moments the new

gloves here they named my mommy mommy 1 and now we will put this awning that can be all great play French because almost all when when I had hair all collectors my age well people are older they know him and yells was not Colombian or it could be

it could be visiting page had a very rich piece days and before were the old ones that we have a carrycot Davis we have a lot and then We will do another of the glasses look and go we have left and up to there these are the old

goalkeepers but we don't know we are going to do the video before or after in surprise to me and that more than anything and it's already there you have the new ones so the only thing that it is worth having the new ones is for the hairs that

have pulled out that have pulled out one of each color and it is not worth it if the You compare with those of the World Cup if you can catch the world cup best clear have a good time these days do not leave home and what about subscribe

subscribe because as you are bored we haveos 300 videos the one that did show how many of them we have 300 shot of the 300 clear 300 videos and nothing and goodbye [Music] i thanks [Music] ah and [Music] and [Music] ah [Music] ah [Music] no no and [Music]