You went too early there Stand closer to the alley it's too farover go over there you're too close to the middle.

Again you cut it short And also you didn't really hit the ball you bunted it.

I want to tell you this but look how you hit that ball you bunted it So when do you bunt your bunt whenthere's a lot of pace coming to you.

What did I do? I hit you like a little chipforehead with no pace that means you got to hit your backhand with more of a fullswing.


You got to bunt with pace or when there's no pace you got to hit yourbackhand.

You could have sliced it too.

Nice Dave Again you're reaching.

Reaching forit.

But see what happens on that shot isball recognition.

You didn't recognize that my ball was short you're waitingtoo long you end up like reaching like this and when you here you have no noshot.

Alright so you gotta watch the ball really try to read it as well as you can.


It's a little bitthin you caught you catching you just a tad thin.


So what I mean by thatis you you can't make isolated movements of the forearm or the wrist.

This is thethin type of shot.

You got to use the full swing full finish use your bodycompletely.

I'm doing what you pointed out I hold my breath as I concentrate.

That'spart of it and then you're just like rolling with the forearm like this andwhen you're that far back you get no power that way and you end up missing in the net.


Again you cutting it short.


It's so thin that ball you.

You know what I mean by that.

I think I stopped too far away from the ball.

You didn't set up well enough that's true but the stroke stopped abouthalfway right here.

Look set up for that ball.

It's an easy ball come all the wayaround use your body.

Every time I think I got you.

But again I think when youstart focusing on where you're gonna hit it, your target, your techniquegoes away.

I know.

Oh Dave, you missed it missed it man.

Butyou know what you had a chance to get into the net over there.

You had a chanceto come to the net and put it away with an easy shot.

I did? You hit a great cross-courtbackhand you had me running I had a defensive, one of these little tapdefensive shots.

Super easy volley if you close in on it.

Oh Dave close you got to close on it.

Any ball that's floaty that's softdinky you gotta close otherwise it's gonna be at your shoelaces.

So I didn't punch up? It's not about punching up.

Think about it.

The ball has no penetration it's gonnadie.

It's going right towards your feet So what you got to do.

You got to closethe net so you can take it higher.

Get closer.

Close the net, get closer.

On the line Dave You had that I made my shot and you got it.

You had that though.

Well not really, your're so good.

You keep going oh you were soclose to getting that.

It was a good good approach man.

You had that volley you missing like one extra step one extra step you got thatvolley it's a good approach.

Thank you.

Yeah Yes Great shot You had it man you had itDave what a rally.

This a killer rally man.

I need some rest.

Okay what you did there was you rancompletely through the ball Dave you ran like a train through the ball.

You got to re positionyour feet a little bit.

You know.

You got to make sure to make some footwork.

Like so often I don't think I'm gonna get there in time and I overrun it.

You got there with plenty of time.

You got to readjust your feet a littlebit you ran straight through that.

You gotta keep your feet moving man.

Thatball might look slow but you got to make the appropriate footwork adjustments.

Getout of the way quickly because that ball was way too close to your body.

What was that? A complete push, a steer, a guide.

See what happensis as you're running full-speed from the baseline and you steer the ball likethis you hit it flat and push through the ballthat's all always going to sail long.

So here's your options.

You can do maybea drop shot okay that's not a bad play in that scenario.

You can do forehandtopspin no you steered it you pushed on You steered it, you pushed on it it's what I went long and with thatyou had a lot of momentum from running.

I tried to go up but my momentum made me push long, that what happened.

So well you got to counteract that momentumby maybe even doing slice drop shot topspin.

So that wouldn't be a time for pull up unless I did super pull up.

You can do super pull-up butanything you do in that circumstance you got to be a little more gentle on theball okay.

But what you should never do is steer the ball and push it.

Here you go.

It'sgot to be many many small steps to set up for that ball and get behind it.

Keep backing I realized way too late how deep that was going.

It seemed slow but then it kept floating to the baseline.

Yeah it wasn't that slowactually.

It took a lot of the pace out of your serve.

Here you go.

But regardless of what it isslow fast you always want to keep stay on your toes keep your feet moving younever know what's going to happen with the ball.

Again finish.

You're stopping again.

You'vegot to lift that thing all the way you got to finish a shot Dave I held my breath on that too.

Well I told you to grunt like you normally do.

When you hold yourbreath you don't play well.

I'm telling you.

You gotta get that energy out.

I took all that time and I lifted it.

Why do you think that happened? I leaned back? No It's ball recognition Dave.

What? Ball recognition.

See Ihit a pickup ball from the baseline and that ball had a little bit ofbackspin my ball.

So it didn't come through the court at all.

Had no penetrationwhatsoever.

You were expecting it to come to you.

and all of a sudden you realize hey thisthing has backspin and then your and then you were reaching so it's aboutball recognition.

Yeah Dave Awesome Dave, nice shot.

I readjusted I wanna come over topspin and just likeyou said when I couldn't I sliced it.

Absolutely perfect.

See if you would have tried to dosomething there with topspin or even push it bunt it, it would have been aproblem you cut it then you angle it off which is perfect.

I readjusted based on your comments.

No you missed it man.

Again Not enough set up there.

The ball got it got on the left side ofyour body you needed extra one or two stepstowards your left and you would have had an easy overhead.

Super easy.

Because youplayed perfect up to that point man.

The easiest shot.

You alright? Ok common couple more and we're done.

Dude this is hard training.

Dave why why why OMG What happened there man? horrible Well first of all you're walking up tothe approach shot.

Why didn't you have a little more intensity there.

I incorrectly thought I had it too easy.

You were doing like a fast walk.

You gotta keep you feet moving stay on your toes.

Just try to push it Iguess you're spin made it go.

The forehand was pretty good and then that volley againset up footwork get yourself in a perfect position So should I have just come around? The forehand was good.

There'snothing wrong with the forehand.

It gave you the opportunity to putaway a super easy volley.

And then.

So the volley is the problem not the forehand.

It was too low by the time I got to it.

No it was high actually.

Just just didn't.

No I hit it right here.

Yeah that's high.

That's above yourshoulder.

All you gotta do is tap that in butagain you didn't set it up right ball came.

I thought I went like that Just freeze it, just block it.

Tap it don't try to push through it.

And game set match Dave.