what are the rules of badminton? How do we count the score? lets find out! A badminton match has 3 games You need to win 2 games out of 3 to win the match each game has 21 points The first to reach 21 points wins the game Revati and I will now play an example match I will explain the scoring system and the rules as the match progresses I won the toss and have decided to serve Revati can now choose the side she prefers to play from The is the First Game of the match The score is 0 all 0 is also called “Love”, so you we can also say “Love all” I'm serving and my score is 0 0 is an even number When your score is even , serve from the right hand court You always have to serve cross court I can serve in the highlighted area I've served here, but it is not allowed to serve here Whoever wins the point serves next and we always say the score of the person who is serving first So the score is 1-0 or 1-Love 1 is an odd number when the score is odd , then you should serve from your left hand court Revati's left hand side is this court Revati is allowed to serve in the area shown I've hit the shuttle into the net This is a foul.

Revati wins this point Score is 2 love 2 is an even number so revati will now serve from her right hand side Revati hit the shuttle over here You cannot hit the shuttle in this area shown while playing singles Score is 1-2 After you serve , it is allowed to hit the shuttle in this area 1 is an odd number, So I would be serving from my left hand side court I could not reach the shuttle Score is 3-1 It is your serve, and if your score is an even number the you serve from your right hand side court if your score is an odd number, then you serve from your left had side court You cannot serve into the net Score is 2-3.

Where do you think I should serve from? That's right! Hitting the shuttle on the line is allowed score is 3 all You cannot touch your body to the shuttle Now let us fast forward the game The score is now 10-5 You cannot touch the net with your racket.

Score is 11-5 After reaching 11 points, both players can take a break of 1 minute Score is 13-20 Revati only needs one point to win this game You cannot hit the shuttle after it touches the ground Revati has won the first game Now both players change sides and they get a break of 2 minutes Revati won the first game, so she will serve in the next game You cannot touch your body to the net The score is now 20 all We have to follow the rule of “Difference of two” Which means, that to win the game you need to score two points more than your opponent So if the score is 20 all, then the first to reach 22 will win the game but if the score is 29 all, the person scoring the 30th point will win the game I won this rally.

Score is 21-20 I served into the wrong court , score is 21 all The first to reach 23 points will win the game It is allowed if the shuttle hits the net and goes over Score is 22-21 I won the next rally.

Score is 23-21 I won the second game Whoever wins the 3rd game will win the match We will again switch sides and take a break of 2 mins You cannot drag the shuttle like this Revati won this point Score is 5-10 You cannot go over the net and hit the shuttle Score is 11-5 You have to switch sides at 11 in the third game Score is 20-13 I only need one point to win this match.

I have a Match point I have won the match You should shake hands with your opponent and the referee lets take a look at some more rules If the shuttle gets damaged, you can ask the referee for a new one with your opponents consent Do not stand on the line while serving You cannot lift your leg while serving You cannot serve while moving Moving while receiving is a foul Not liking this video is a foul :p.