how would you like to hit amazing four hands well in today's video we're gonna give you five steps that are gonna help you get clear on what to focus on when you're on the court so that you can get better my name is Jeff Saul's enstein I'm the

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you're subscribed to the channel and your notifications are turned on we are here to help you get better let's start with the forehand step number one we got to talk about the grip and the ready position now with the grip the semi-western grip is the grip that I

prefer it looks something like this you can also use more of an Eastern grip Allah Roger Federer I'm not crazy about the Western grip I think there are limitations here for number of reasons we're not going to go into today but I like that semi-western grip you can

find it by just dropping the racquet like this and picking it up now make sure that your trigger finger your index finger is spread and that your the racket is angled on the racket I see too many people holding the racket like this that's a no-no you're not

going to feel the ball in your hand so you're gonna have that index finger spread like this we're in this semi Western now when we're preparing in our ready position there are players that start like this okay I prefer to have the racket angled like this a little

more a la Rafa Nadal because I feel like a player can make a great first move from this position if they're here now they have to turn the hand it's not wrong but I just think it's more efficient now this may impact your backhand so you have to

weigh the options there but I like to start with a racket tip slightly up and angled like this and I can just make a first move to this position here okay so we've got the grip in the ready position now we do talk about the first move I

really like the arms to go up together like this and you can have the this off arm come off early if you're late on your forehand a lot of players they try to emulate the pros and they keep the racquet here too long and then they're late so

you might have to separate early but we don't want to separate where the hand goes down or goes like this I don't really like the the alligator dinosaur t-rex arms I like a big off I'm pulling across the body that's going to create the shoulder turn okay that's

the first move now we get into the backswing the biggest thing that I want you to focus on is trying to get that elbow away from the body when you make the first move because a lot of players they keep the elbow in and then they drop the

racket back like this and you're not going to be able to create that lag or to have that the butt of the racket and leading in the hand leading like this if you have your elbow in it's going to look more like this so we've got to get

the elbow away from the body with this first move right here okay elbow away and then the big thing with the lag or with the racket getting into this position is you have to have flexibility in the wrist I see a lot of online instructors teaching this but

many players can't even get into this position so you're trying to get here but you don't have the range of motion in the wrist so you you need to make sure you get the elbow away with this backswing and when you get down into this position it's only

going to look like this if you have the range of motion and if you have the grip if you have an Eastern grip or a continental grip this is what it's going to look like okay the final thing that's going to help you create this is relaxation if

you're gripping the racket too tight you're not going to be able to get the racket to look anything like this so relaxation is important you see I'm barely even touching the racket and I'm able to have the racket just drop down in this position tension will make it

look like this so we really have to focus on making sure that racket or that hand is relaxed on the racket and you have the right grip now let's talk about the contact point Roger Federer often at all when they make contact it looks like their arm is

almost completely straight that's a very difficult forehand to master to have the arm completely straight I like to have the arm be natural and relaxed and have a bend in the arm there's a lot of great for hands that have a bend in the arm listen if your

arm is straight and you're ripping it like Federer and Nadal you can do it all day long but I find that when people try to copy those four hands and try to go straight there's too much tension again relaxation is the is the master key to success on

the forehand and all strokes for that matter so when we make contact you want to have a bend in the elbow you just want to make sure you're not you elbow is not tucked into the body and too close how do we fix that we create that space

with the elbow in the beginning so the elbow stays away from the body with that slight Bend so that's what's gonna really help your contact point now in terms of how far out in front to hit the ball I actually think the contact point gets fixed with the

next step which is the finish so with a finish I like the traditional finish to be over the shoulder okay older over the shoulder with the finish like this you can go to this shoulder here if you want but I find that when people do that they end

up coming down and hitting too much especially when they're nervous and hitting down in the net so I like the foundation to be where the racket goes up over the shoulder and if you really create a lot of space and even catch the racket out here first before

you bring it back that's when your contact point is going to be absolutely perfect and when you aim to the right spot if you aim cross-court and you're if you've been late on your forehand you'll get the right contact so don't really pay attention to how much how

far out in front or how late you hit the forehand focus on having a great finish and great aim and you'll find that your contact point will really clean up okay those are my five steps to the forehand let me give you a quick quick demo right here

I'll just drop the ball and I want you to notice here's my ready position with my grip I want you to notice my first move here's my first move okay now notice how I create that space with the elbow and then I want you to notice my follow-through

and my finish so here's my space and here's my finish and see how I go out and around and I extend and then I come back over the shoulder that is your five-step formula I hope you enjoyed today's video please share it with others give us a thumbs

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