Tennis players can’t seem to find theirway out of drama during this pandemic, as world number 25 Dayana Yastremska did.



In an attempt to make a powerful statementagainst racism, the Ukranian darkened half of her face and posted the caption Equality.

This photo was shocking to me at first forobvious reasons, but taking another good look I found that in addition to darkening oneside of her face she made cornrows and colored her hair.

As expected, people called her out and eventried to educate her, but it seemed like she mocked them in a sense by liking tweets callingher out and replying to criticism with prayer hand emojis.

Even fellow WTA player Amanda Anisimova expressedher disdain, liking a tweet that ridicules Dayana for her ignorance.

While many people showed outrage towards Dayanafor this, a lot of individuals defended her and said that she wasn’t being offensiveat all.

Many of these defenses came through Reddit, as people were saying that shes Ukranian so she doesn't understand the history and thatthis isn't even black face at all.

First, this definitely is blackface regardlessof your intentions.

If you purposely darken your skin tone towhere it is substantially different it is blackface, period.

I don't know how people are saying it's notbecause it is.

Now, I do agree that she did not have theracist intentions that white performers had during the Jim Crow era and wasn’t tryingto offend anyone.

Blackface originated in the United Statesafter slavery was abolished, as white minstrel performers applied shoepolish to their facesin order to play characters that demeaned African Americans.

I just don't understand the purpose of doingsomething like this even if you are European.

What is it that makes you think that it'sa good idea to emulate a blackperson for a photoshoot during times of injustice.

She could’ve used the money she spent creatingthis shoot to donate to black lives matter organizations to actually enact change.

This entire shoot just seemed like a ployfor attention and was self-centered because it just wasn't necessary and is simply unhelpfulto the cause.

She literally just inserted herself unnecessaryinto a situation last week defending Novak Djokovic after the Adria Tour drama.

That had nothing to do with her and was unneededjust like the photoshoot.

Seeing all the backlash, Dayana made an apologypost to her Twitter and explained her intentions.

“Earlier today I posted pictures that Ithought would spread a message of equality.

It clearly did not and has been misunderstood.

I have warned about the negative impact butI did not – and still don’t – consider it as “blackface”.

I did not intend to caricature but to sharemy feelings about a current situation: we should all be treated as equal.

I am so disappointed that my message has beencorrupted: these pictures divided people when they were meant to unite.

That's why I deleted them.

I sincerely apologize to all the people Ihave offended.

I truly only had good intentions.

” This apology to me was kind of poor becauseshe still seems uneducated on the history of blackface and why exactly people took offenseto this.

It also seems that people warned her priorto doing the shoot, but did it anyway and says that she still doesn't see it as blackface.

Lastly, she says that they were meant to unitepeople.

My thing is, what about this portrays unity.

All I see is vanity.

Once again, my biggest thing is that she thoughtshe was really doing something with this shoot, when all she REALLY needed to do was posta thoughtful statement on the matter or donate towards the cause.

Twitter user Max brought up a good point thateven her coach Sascha Bajin has the similar ignorance of her and her defenders in thatracism simply isn't really a big issue in Europe.

If you hold this mindset I truly hope thatyou realize that this isn’t just a problem in the United States, it’s global.

In conclusion, this needs to be Dayanas nextphotoshoot theme.

On a lighter note.


No pun intended, Nick Kyrgios is not lettingup on Zverev, Djokovic, and Thiem as he recently trolled them on his instagram story posting, “Shirts on, masks on.

Any questions boys? #Djokovic #Zverev #Thiem #doughnutBecker This is clearly in reference to both theirpartying in nightclubs during the Adria Tour, and Zverev partying in Monaco soon after thepositive tests.

Though I'm surprised that Nick is still keepingthis mini beed going, I did find it funny.

In actual tennis playing news, the WTA adopteda similar rankings change to that of the ATP: implementing a 22-month system that allowsplayers to keep their best results from 2019 or 2020 at an event.

Under the revised system, a players’ rankingwill consist of her best 16 singles results in singles and best 11 results in doublesbased on the points earned between March 2019 to December 2020.

IF the WTA Finals are played, a player’s16-best results from 2020 tournaments will decide the 8 qualifiers.

The reason why I said “IF” is becauseChina is set to cancel all international sporting events for the rest of the year.

This affects 6 WTA events including the finalsin Shenzhen.

WTA chief, Steve Simon, said that nothingis officially cancelled because despite reports, the decision is not definitive and no orderhas yet been given.

Similarly, the US Open has been in talks onbeing cancelled as New York mayor Bill de Blasio cancelled all large events and gatheringsuntil September.

He later clarified to CNN that this does notapply to the Open, as it will be played behind closed doors and already granted permission.

Wimbledon too added themselves in the mixwith major news as they will grant prize money to all presumed competitors of the championships.

The AELTC will allocate prize money to 620players whose ranking would have gained them direct entry into the 2020 Main and Qualifyingdraws.

From an agreed total of 10 million pounds(12.

6 million USD) will distribute prize money in lieu of The Championships 2020 with regardfor the circumstances of this year and in the spirit of the AELTC’s prize money distributionin recent years.

Based on world ranking, 224 players who wouldhave competed in Qualifying will each receive £12, 500, 15, 810 USD; 256 players who wouldhave competed in Main Draw Singles will each receive £25, 000, 31, 621 USD ; 120 playerswho would have competed in Main Draw Doubles will each receive £6, 250, 7905 USD; 16 playerswho would have competed in the Wheelchair events will each receive £6, 000, 7, 589 USD;and four players who would have competed in the Quad Wheelchair events will each receive£5, 000, 6323.

Players will only receive payment for oneevent.

This was an excellent move by the All EnglandClub as there have been frequent talks of supplying money to players in need.

They themselves are giving a great lump sumwhich is just really brilliant.

In more Wimbledon news, the grass court slamwill no longer have the grass court seeding formula they’ve used since 2002, as theMen's Singles seedings from now on will be based solely on ranking.

Now if you all remember, this caused quitea bit of controversy last year when world number two at the time Nadal, was seedingbelow the then number three Federer.

That's all for today's video and let me knowyour thoughts on all of the topics I discussed.

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